| 2018-2019

THIS IS URINE is my graduation project at MA Material Futures, CSM.  

this is urine. aims to investigate the potential new role of human urine as an alternative material in ceramic industry  by presenting Urine Ware glazed with minerals from human urine.


 | 2017

ALGATRON is a group project with Ching-Hui Yang, jewellery designer, based on experiment and research. It suggests a landscape where people and algae can live in a symbiotic relationship as a new way for human being  to survive under condition with insufficient oxygen in distant future. 


 | 2016

POOPLE&PEOPLE is a design research project based on  an appropriate technology. It investigates how the fixed dome biogas plant can be applied to the toilet system of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,  and how it brings economic benefits to the local society out of biogas generated from human waste from local people.